Ziam Mayne

Get to therapy...

  • Therapist: Alright, I'm going to say some words, tell me the first thing you think of... Green.
  • Me: Niall is Irish.
  • Therapist: Cat.
  • Me: Harry likes pussy.
  • Therapist: Vegetable.
  • Me: Carrots are vegetables. Louis loves carrots.
  • Therapist: Map.
  • Me: Liam doesn't know his geography.
  • Therapist: Brick.
  • Me: Zayn stood on a brick to have his first kiss.
  • Therapist: Hawaii
  • Me: Lilo and Stich. Double reference because it's a Disney movie and Liam and Louis' couple name is Lilo.
  • Therapist: Obsessed.
  • Me: Dedicated.
  • Therapist: I'm sorry, I cannot help you.